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Drink drivers play Russian roulette, says mum of 15-year-old girl killed in Mercedes crash in the New Forest

Karen Marchant's daughter Rebecca was just 15 when she died in a crash in Hordle Lane, Lymington on February 16 2016. Rebecca, known as Becca, had been the front seat passenger of a Mercedes E350 driven by Alex McBride when the car collided with a tree. McBride, then 34, had downed three cans of Stella Artois lager and five double brandies with coke when he choose to drive from Shorefield caravan park to his home. His own 10-year-old daughter and eight-year-old niece were in the back of the car for the journey, which should have taken just four minutes. McBride, of Sky End Lane, fled the scene on foot, leaving Becca fatally injured. The children in the back of the car suffered minor injuries. He then returned home to change his clothes and was later spotted by police hiding in a driveway. Breath tests revealed he was twice the drink-drive limit, and he was jailed for four years and four months after admitting causing death by driving without due care and attention while over the prescribed limit. McBride, an alcoholic with previous convictions for drink driving in 2002, driving while disqualified in 2003 and dangerous driving in 2004, was also banned from the road for five years and two months. Karen said drink drivers play "Russian roulette" with lives.

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